An Ode to Cats Who Bite

The cats without care With punch, pizzazz and flare They growl and hiss With fiery cat eyes Spiky hair Gnarling jaws And Spiny tongue They think dreadful thoughts As they Leap towards their prey  with tact Their victims by such surprise Entangled now in  Claws like shackles And teeth like swords Forgive these puny purrless … Continue reading An Ode to Cats Who Bite

Voice Lessons

I’ve been in therapy more than half of my adult life, in number of years. I invest in therapy not only by being present in the sessions, but also by prescribing to personal “outside of therapy” exercises, classes, events, etc in order to deepen my therapeutic results. All of this is to the end of … Continue reading Voice Lessons

Love Forever

Tossing turning Ever mulling See your face Your smile Your touch Touching telling Ever living Hear your voice Your love Your life Taming touring Everlasting Taste your skin Your lips Your you Mine forever Days unending Life unyielding Never failing Love forever


She pales in comparison And takes me by surprise Her notions bring me comfort Her soul would not deny my every consolation which never seems to lie Is passing sweet submission Beneath her sultry eyes A voice that echoes passion Without a fleeting breathe Her thoughts are yet invisible Her heart consoles a rest my … Continue reading Her