Heartfelt findings…

Walk along the sandy beach, looking down and solemn speak.  What can I find with my own eyes?  I find some treasures.   Started out a life below.  A life.  An oyster, clam, scallop, cockle, snail!  All washed up and worn colors pale.  But, looking on I find more.  Finding shapes that speak the truth.  Shapes of waves which crash and tear.  Shapes of sand which file and wear.  Shapes of feet and hands that crush, bruise and tear. And look a star, a sword a heart!  A heart.  Shapes of love.  The hearts peek through the buried shore.

Friend of mine, look for more…You look with own eyes, you find a treat.  You look with His eyes, you find retreat.

Look, look and feel beneath your feet.  Your tired feet, your weathered skin, your broken heart.  Find some solace upon this beach. Can you find a shape unique?  The shape of one who must become, a life, a soul without regret.  The Maker’s hands are holding you.  He molds, he shapes, he takes, he gives.  Receive my friend, He beckons you.

Looking up from hunt so fun.  Looking up I see the sun.  It beats warm rays upon these shapes.  Rays grow dim, and moon has won.  Shapes in pocket, day is done.

Walk along the sandy beach, looking up and silent pause.  My God how beautiful, there are no flaws.  And life is full.


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