Forgiveness is nothing less than an act of fidelity towards an act of cruel intent. Forgiveness is about being free, and free people are courageous people and they aren’t controlled by the past. Free people laugh more than others, and they see beauty where others do not. They are not easily offended and aren’t afraid to speak truth.

We aren’t chained to resentment.  We are not engrossed in sinful attitudes or actions.  We are fighters.  We battle sin with spiritual clarity and heavenly wisdom.

Let’s remember that the purpose of forgiveness is not to give us permission to wrong someone. It empowers us toward freedom and power that enables us to fight against such wrong doings not as legalists, but as victors who throw ourselves into the battle against such arguments or acts against someone.

I hope that I’m a true fighter.  I hope that the forgiveness I show towards my enemies, those I’ve wronged is honest.  I know one thing is for sure, when I humble myself by forgiving others actions or attitudes towards me, and when I reveal my authentic self, the very truest feeling of freedom happens within my soul.  It is not fleeting.  It is enduring. It is infinite.  Freedom is found in the very depths of my being where forgiveness has been experienced.

Are you free?

Are you a freedom fighter?

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