Morning Person?

When you get up in the morning, what do you say to yourself about your hopes for the day? Do you even have hopes? What difference do you want your life to make? Or, in the morning, do you even think like that?  You just get up and do whatever you’re supposed to do and think nothing about anything.  Read on…
Well, I’m a morning person.  I cannot sleep in, at all. I used to think there was something wrong with me.  Once a friend told me that I should ask my doctor about it, because I don’t require much sleep and yet I function fairly normally.  For years, when I awoke, I used to just lie there and think in bed.  Then I decided recently that I could actually accomplish a lot in the morning.  I have made much progress since I finally realized that when the sun is up, I should be up as well.  And, it’s all good as long as nothing screws up those good feelings.  But typically something always does!
Here’s the conundrum…
I’m up, totally fresh and awake, meditating or praying or snuggled up with a book and coffee, it is thrilling!  Recently I’ve been spending time outdoors, either walking or sitting. (cuz if you’re not walking then, you’re sitting, right? cuz, who stands around in the morning, unless you’re waiting for the coffee to brew, but then you’re really not standing, you’re leaning.)
Then BAM!  My motivation for being at peace and inline with the spiritual realm of my being is gone.  The spirit is quenched…and not in a good way.  I mean that peace is gone. Nothing illegal or really serious…just, you know, the kids woke up…or I forgot I had an early meeting, or BAM…the coffee ran out!   Then, I’m a mess.
How do I continue in the glories of the morning while still putting out fires during the day?
A wise friend once told me that I need to get back on the “Truth Train.”  Ummm…ok.
“Look, if I need to get back on the truth train…I’d better have the right amount of change for the fare!  I’m not sure I have the right amount of change, in fact, I’m broke.” I said
She says, “He wants you to be broke.”
My heart drops.  I got butterflies in my stomach, and it’s not even morning!
God calls us to brokenness so He can be most glorified.  I hope that I can learn how to be strong and courageous even when I’m torn, tattered and yes, broken.  I hope that God can use my pieces to help others.  I hope that one day, I will live in glories of the morning, all day long!
Read the first paragraph again.  Answer for yourself.

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