A Good Moment

There was this moment I had once with another person.  It was good.  It was a really good moment.  I hope i never forget it as long as I live.  It will always bring a smile to my face and a song in my heart.  A song like the early morning birds sing.  Those birds chirping and fluttering around like they are on a mission, but also like they’re really enjoying themselves.  A smile…a bit mischievous but with all sorts of sincerity and honesty.  This moment I had was spectacular.  

We existed in a sort of holiness together for that brief time.  Not the overt holiness of any religion’s philosophy or faith based acts, or even philanthropy.  But it’s this type of quiet intimate holiness of loving someone well beyond attraction or attitude or desire.  And in those brief moments, those most intimate and secret moments, holiness was brought towards wholeness.  And it became the holiness of loving someone completely and passionately against all reason.  Wholesome holiness.  Passionate friendship.  Godly goodness. 

If we’re real with ourselves, it’s what we all really long for. It’s a sort of out of body experience.  Not a religious, ultra spiritual or sensual experience, but a real life experience with another actual human being…but it’s so good, it feels surreal.  The good comes from God.  

Enjoy it.  Enjoy the tiny moment.  Enjoy the memory of the moment.  The moment is fleeting, but that feeling….oh, that feeling is anything BUT fleeting, my friend!  Relish the memory.  Relive it.  Don’t be afraid to rewind a thousand times and reflect in many different ways.  Don’t compare your moment with anything else.  Jealousy creeps in like a sneaky snake and will crush that memory and try to make a new one.  Good is good.  Be content.  

I didn’t ask, pray or plead for this moment, but I do believe God in all his majesty and sovereignty gave it to me.  I do believe that he brings it to mind.  He brings a smile to my face and a flutter in my heart just when I need it each time He brings it to mind.  I’m not sure I believe that there will be similar moments like this.  I’m just not willing to see beyond this most precious moment in time.  Yet, I trust He is good and will provide. For now, I will relish in this most holy momentous moment in time.

I will remember and I will be happy.  

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