Blessing Revealed

One day I’ll find someone who fits my tab

One who listens and understands

Who cares and loves, let’s me fly

This one can lift my spirits high

Will smile, laugh and maybe cry

Strong, courageous,

Bold and brave

Honest, patient 

Sincere, she stays

Gives something more and nothing less

Her whole heart when there’s nothing left

Flying free to chase the pain

Of love’s flawed moment, can sustain

Forever changed, now not fleeting but remains

Ponder, question

Doubt and fear

Pain, remorse

Me she hears

Jealousy would rob the pleasure

Fight the noise, chase away

Deny the chains do not be bound

Find the joy where hope is found

Peace abounds when love goes ‘round

Secure, yet free

Suffer, be healed

Take and give

Blessing revealed

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