Soul Sister

One of my favorite phrases.  It speaks of the good nature of a deeply connected friendship.  Maybe it speaks of an intimacy that cannot even be explained.  Intimate friends are not easily found, especially these days.  We bury ourselves in work and family and hardly invest 6 days a year for our friends.  We have no problem carving out time to invest in our own self though.  I’m suggesting that this is not the healthiest lifestyle to junk out on.  A self-love junkie.
We can hardly know ourselves unless someone on the outside would dare teach us, making it clear that growth would be necessary.  When someone dares to get deep inside your mind, heart, soul and spirit…you should really take heart to their wisdom.  People come into our lives for very specific reasons.  Even if that person’s contact with you was fleeting, still it was purposeful. Fleeting friends are necessary, I do believe, but those friends who stay for the long haul…wow, they are the ones whose words and inclinations we should cherish.
You will know this person when she arrives.  How will you know?  I can’t explain it.  I can only just encourage you that you will know her.  It’s not a hunch.  It’s not a feeling.  It’s way more real than a feeling.  She will be known by your heart.  She comes at a time when your soul needs nourishing.  She satisfies a thirst inside you so deeply that you would never consider disengaging.  Your well is filled.
True…This person will be hurt by you, and likely you will hurt her.  But, with the pain comes a refreshing sense of self worth.  Seriously, yes.  Self worth.  She makes you out to be worth everything in the world…and in her eyes you are, without a doubt worth her whole being.  She makes time for you. She squares you away not into a tiny little nook of her soul, but she includes you wholeheartedly into herself.  She gives freely and never needs reciprocation, yet she loves it when you do.  She loves abundantly and never asks this from you, yet, when you love her back she loves you more.  She outwardly accepts you…your whole being, just where you are in life, yet she will encourage you to always strive for better.  This one, she’s a winner.  An incredible friend, lover of your soul and tamer of your spirit.  Go on…be refreshed that she is yours
Pray for her to show up in your life.  Realize it’s her.  Be bold and invest in that person.  Be available.  Connect freely.  Risk your own self love that you might love her more.  Love her intimately.  Love her fully.  Love her unconditionally.  Love her abundantly, perhaps uncontrolled.  Enjoy, and be well!

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