What I Hate Most

I am not a person filled with hatred.  I’m quite the opposite.  In fact, often I give people and situations the benefit of my doubt, thus am routinely hurt.  It’s my fault, and I don’t hold grudges.  I understand that when I put myself in the way of empathy, selflessness and purity, I will be hurt. But, I also know that hurt in relationships is bound to happen if the relationship is important enough.  I dare say, all relationships should be so important. If they aren’t…why bother?  But perhaps that’s a different blog post.

Get back to it…I’m not a person filled with hatred, but there is one thing I can’t stand. Lying.  For me, honesty is required.  It’s required for intimate friendship with me. It’s required for purity in thought. It’s required for ultimate love.  I believe that’s what I’m in your life for, ultimate love. Lying really screws that up. For me, this applies to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Lying is selfish.  Its motives are impure. Its rude and disgraceful. Lying hurts.  If left alone it will fester and can cause pain so deep that the only option is to abort the relationship.  This is serious.  It’s a serious sin against someone and when this person has invested their trust in you, then lies, it’s devastating.

And what else?  If you thought lying was easy, you’re wrong!  Lying requires admission, forgiveness and reconciliation.  You’re going to have to confront your friend.  You’re going to have to humble yourself and admit your guilt.  You’re going to have to explain yourself.  Then comes forgiveness, then comes reconciliation.  Without these steps, there will be a thorn in your heart. Even you: the ego driven self fullfilled despicable excuse for a human.  Even you. You will not rest, my friend.

If you find yourself in the nasty vines of a lie, resist your pride and free yourself and your friend from the burden of hurt and disrespect.

And that’s how I feel about lying.  I hope I’m an approachable person so that those who sin against me can feel empowered and ready to release.




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