Wishes, dreams and goals

I always have been a dreamer.  From early on I would frequently dream.  I shared some dreams with my mom.  In fact, I would share most of them with her.  She was a good sounding board and would most often encourage me by simply listening.  To the dreams that were simply too far fetched, Mom would routinely say, “Wishful thinking.”  I think she hit the nail on the head and I’m just now realizing.

There’s a difference between dreaming, wishing and setting goals. Here’s what I think.

Wishes are those thoughts which take you to a place of utter bliss.  They rarely come true, but they can be a source of momentary happiness.  Wishes offer us butterfly feelings deep down.  Dreams are those thoughts which are more grounded, and a bit more realistic.  They too can take you to a happy place by just thinking on them.  But, dreams lack plans.  They are still too far fetched in your mind that you can’t seem to make plans for accomplishment.  Dreams could come true, but they take real initiative on your part.  Goals are what dreams should morph into.  Goals are dreams with purpose.  They have concrete plans of attainment.   They may include passion and they always require persistence.  When goals are set and then attained, they often will help us emote feelings of utter bliss…much like wishes, but with extreme energy. It’s beautiful!

I wish too much.  I don’t dream enough.  And I hardly ever set goals.  On the bright side, my wishes give such moments of bliss.  I many times will sit and wish on purpose in a moment of desperate depression so that my mind and soul would be at ease for a few minutes.  My dreams have become a source of contentment, thinking that one day they will morph into real goals.  Wishful thinking?  Nah…it’s purposeful and fun!

What are your wishes, dreams and goals?


2 thoughts on “Wishes, dreams and goals

  1. It’s hard to focus on my dreams right now. I’m so focused on the every day stuff. I’m trying to get better at taking “me time”. It used to be a wish, but now I’m working on making it a reality.


  2. I wonder what your “me time” looks like. Glad to know this wish is becoming a dream, and it will morph into a goal I’m sure. Do you ever write down your dreams? I have a thumb drive filled with dreams. Maybe you can start a journal just for recording dreams. Godspeed!


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