The bug guy came last week.

“These are German Roaches,” he mumbled under his breath

“What?” I asked

”Oh, I was just saying these are German roaches.”

”And…is that good, bad..?”

”Well, I was just noticing.  They are the toughest to expel.  They don’t leave easily and it takes a while to get them all out”

Well, how splendid!  Fantastic, I thought to myself.  Thanks be to God, we got the most strong willed bug on the face of the planet.  Score!  We got some freaking strong willed bugs, baby.  Only the best for me…do not settle for mediocre.

I almost engaged him. I almost began to ask a slew of questions and become a bug expert.  I could’ve done it my friends, but I didn’t.  Instead I sat around analyzing this amazing experience.  Here’s what I came up with:

The great roach clean up.  It reminds me of my life recently.  The night before the exterminator appointment I cleared out all my kitchen cabinets. I put everything on my dining room table.  It’s a lot of stuff.

My bug guy came last week and sprayed all over the kitchen and bathroom and along the baseboards.  He moved the appliances and anything on counters and sprayed the counters.  He moved the large appliances and sprayed behind and around them.  During the whole process he exclaimed more than several times what a big problem this has become.  (Oh ya, thanks for enlightening me dude!)  He wrote up the notes, handed me the paper and asked if he could come back next week for a second treatment.  We made that appointment.

I asked, “What do I do until then?”

”Well, you have to sweep up all the dead roaches.  They will all start coming out and crawling around and then dying.  You’ll just sweep them up as they come out and die,”  he said matter of factly and with all seriousness.

People…I could’ve gone anywhere with this. I’m proud to say, I didn’t!

”So, I guess I should leave the stuff out of the cabinets?”

“Ya…I mean, you could put it all back, but then there are the dead bugs and anyway you’ll have to take it all back out again because I’m coming back next week,” he said again with his serious and nonchalant and very laid back demeanor.

Ok…analogy time.

So I haven’t stopped thinking about the roach treatment, maybe because literally every hour I’m sweeping up tons of dead bugs!!!  I am not joking.  It helped that I had sick kids all week and worked from home everyday.  I got to see the bugs crawling around and then die.  I mean….there are tons of them!  Just when I’d sweep up one mess, I’d be at it again. Before the bug man came, I only knew of less than half the menacing problem we had with bugs.  It reminds me of my life.

When I accepted that there was a problem in my marriage I began to seek help and eventually I moved out of that toxic relationship and into a new house with my kids…and the bugs. That was me cleaning the cabinets out in order for work to be done. Next, I began counseling and intensive therapy that I might regain my integrity and relationships with my kids and perhaps their dad would acquiesce to help too.

Well, it didn’t work out that way. Not at all as plannned.  First of all, like all the stuff that is sitting on my dining room table, so is all the crud in our life.  A lot of hard stuff to deal with that just sits in the table until we deal with it.

And then there’s the bugs! They just keep on coming out of the cabinets!  Some bugs die and I sweep them out of my life.  Some bugs are walking around dazed and confused and i continue to work on expelling them.  Some bugs are alive and I can’t seem to do anything to get rid of them!  I’m guessing that the big problems will continue to persist as long as I live, but I must continue to persist in spraying them lest they become toxicity in my life.

Two things: I have realized that the crud sitting on the table must be dealt with and I have realized that when the bugs are revealed, I must respond.  I can’t fully protect myself from the bugs but I can be proactive in expelling them once they are in plain sight.

What’s sitting on your dining room table and What bugs have been revealed to you in your life?


4 thoughts on “Bugs

  1. Bug guy came back last week. Same demeanor, such an honest young man. The highlight was when I told him how we seem to now have bugs in the bedrooms. He said, “Ya, you’ll find that they retreat to that untreated and warm cozy area.”
    Ha ha…I retreat to that area too!!!!


    1. Beautiful analogy! Once you are aware of the “bugs” you choose to take action, examine your “stuff”, and work on the situations! 💗 love 💗


  2. It is a keen analogy you eloquently make. I will be thinking, pondering and reevaluating how I deal with the pests that bug me due to this thought inspiring piece.
    Thank you!


  3. Beautiful analogy! Once you are aware of the “bugs” you choose to take action, examine your “stuff”, and work on the situations! 💗 love 💗


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