Numbing Effects of Addictions

They come in all shapes and forms. Shopping, chocolate, relationships, drugs, alcohol…when we become dependent on them, they become addictive. We can’t survive without them. Our sustenance depends on them, and they grip us to a point of unrelenting power. For the sake of my ignorance with all dependencies, I’m going to write about marijuana here. I have done significant research on it since being involved personally and as a PTA leader. With that said, please research on your own and verify my findings. In addition, I do believe that the current prescribed CBD oils have been very affective for many people. I am drawing my conclusions based on recreational use.

Recreational weed distorts reality and numbs people of the ability to experience life as it truly is. Even a relatively small amount puts the infrequent user into a fog. A larger amount can potentially cause paranoia or other symptoms which can last long term.

What about more regular, high-functioning users who have built up a tolerance and experience a less intense high when they smoke or ingest it? While it won’t induce hallucinations or the same intense high for frequent users, I think there are other troubling factors to consider with persistent use. Anything we do which causes altercations to mood or brain use should be troubling. And, the younger the user, the more troubling.

Here me out:

There is a reason that marijuana has long been associated with the couch, a bag of chips, and a television remote. Put another way, marijuana has never been associated with engaged work ethics or engaged parenting or engaged anything. Regular use causes disengagement, dulling individuals into a long-term, slow, and subtle numbness. If you ask almost anyone who has formerly used on a regular basis, he will speak about this phenomenon. Studies have shown a high correlation between regular pot use and the clinical diagnosis of Amotivational Syndrome. Yep that’s a real thing.

It doesn’t surprise me when a regular marijuana user tries to refute the reality of its reality-numbing effect. When you are in the numbing cloud of regular use, it is hard to realize that you are in such a cloud — even when it is obvious to close friends and family. Weed may distort reality in a more subtle way for the regular user than for the occasional user, but the subtlety of it makes the negative effects all the more insidious and deep.

So, smoke responsibly my friends who do. And for friends who don’t…don’t start!! Peace out

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