There’s a tender part to your being that you are defending. You are protecting it, and I think the protection could be unhealthy. It shields you from being able to connect fully with the world around you and the people in your life. Deep connection with people and even deep connection with ideas releases a power within us so that we can live freely. But, in defense of your tender part you won’t take that risk. You know there is some really good stuff deep down inside you and you are doing everything to protect it. When you do this you are keeping that goodness from being shared with us, your friends, and you are also keeping it from yourself. Embracing your very core being is crucial to your healthy life as a relational being.

When you embrace your core, you experience freedom. Your soul would not be shy now. Your thoughts and ideas and even your will can now be released. They can now be released from the prison of your mind and the cells of your being. This is good! This is the goodness you can share with the world. What bountiful good things are withheld deep down in your core? Dig and find. Release and share. Be free. My friend, be free! I want you to know yourself fully and freely. I want the world to know you fully and freely. Do not dull this world with your inhibited spirit, but embrace your core and share with us. For, you are worthy!

I know it’s scary and sometimes difficult to fully release the tender parts of your soul. It’s a process that hurts, yet heals. The journey will undoubtedly be emotional. Are you worth the pain? Of course! A dramatic change is about to occur. Take the steps and be freed! I’m here for you my friend! ❤️

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