Efficiency Essential for Productivity

There are days when I get into the office and just can’t get the motivation to start working. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. It could happen on the mornings when I’ve got up early and am fully prepared. It could happen on the mornings when I’m rushing around and arrive late work. It’s happened in all of the positions I held. In fact, this lack of motivation can creep in even when I’m at home, or volunteering or even when I’m playing! The good news is, is that I have found a solution to conquer the absurdity and inefficient ways of a non-motivated spirit and person.  It’s good news because in order to be productive with such little time in our day, efficiency is absolutely essential!

I have read a ton of articles on efficient work habits and how being efficient in each task can lead to a more productive work day. I’ve read and learned that productivity relies on the way we turn our ill motivation into proper and positive motivation. I’ve learned that our brain has certain scheduled times for different types of tasks. If we can tap into the schedule, then we can be most productive in our environment.

I have found that I can break my work day into 3 specific stages. As well, I can break my specific project or chore into 3 stages. The three categories rely on the specific time of day in which your brain is most ready to accomplish that type of task. As I write I’m in Stage 3, so hear me out as I get creative.

Stage number one I call, CAMPGROUND. This is the first part of your day. Your brain can be very focused at this time so you should be working on tasks which require it. With that said, this time of day is also the first part of the day, so while you’re focused, your brain also wants a little stimulation from others around you. You would be best to work on focused projects with your peers or colleagues during his stage. If your environment doesn’t typically include others, then you would be wise to multi task for this stage. Open several tabs or play background music or a podcast or video. CAMPGROUND stage can last anywhere between one to two and a half hours.

Stage number two I call DESKBOUND. This is usually around mid morning and ends at lunchtime, or whatever big break you have during your day. Deskbound is saved for task-oriented work and should be carried out alone as much as possible. Few interruptions should occur, so mute the phone and close tabs which may cause stimulation. People who are naturally creative thinkers will have to get used to this stage. I recommend experimenting with the time frames. Try 45 minutes at first, then move up in small increments until you can get to close to 2 hours for DESKBOUND stage.

Stage three is PLAYGROUND. This is your creative piece of the day and it’s the shortest. If you’re naturally a creative thinker, then you can increase as long as you have time left in your day. Or…you can be like me, punch the clock and continue this stage on the commute home. For this stage you’ll want to tap into your most sensitive place and dig deep for real creative thoughts to occur. It’s been popularly called thinking “outside the box.”  During this stage you should work on projects such as branding, content curation and you could even think of creating some fun new sales pitches, if that’s your job. As a marketer, I save this time for my social media engagement. I open all the apps and start playing!

Campground, Deskbound and Playground…if you learn how to tune your brain into these three stages, you’re BOUND to be productive!

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