Heart’s Truth

Fools rush in without a thought

Inside their mind they choose to sit

Full force ahead the foolish dive

Into a passion. They are alive

Alive inside the foolish heart

Is joy and love and hope and peace

A solid toppling tower of love

Beneath a ruthless mind above

Mind so torn with bits of doubt

They wander in and all about

Tiptoeing tantrums conceit wins out

Speechless now the voice has clout

Fools rush in with belted grin

Smile so long the voice will win

Singing, sighing, laughing, crying

Sound so lovely never dying

Alive with passion full and free

To give words truth and hope and life

Speak with breath your soul renew

Into words. For they are true

Many words try to be found

Look for escape. Mind bewildered

Tongue utters not, words pierce peace

Peace? Not so!

Mind cannot feel. Trapped with truth

Utter now how you feel.

Heart speaks your youth

Ah yes. Heart speaks your truth

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