Soulful Lullaby

The day is done, gone is the sun
Toil no more for there is none
The moon is bright, dark is the night
Quiet the house turn out the light

Be still my soul, all noise is lull
Mind is emptied heart is full
Heart beats gently, sleep is born
Goodnight my friend, peace til morn

Morning time, rest is done
Sunrise tells of daytime fun
Cuddled bodies gently rise
Awaken mind and open eyes

Out of bed you stretch and yawn
Sweetly sing your morning song
Gift for us each day alone
Presence hopeful, beauty shone

If Sun rises far away
How much closer shall I stray?
For when you’re close it’s magical
Inside my heart when you are far

Rise my soul come be blessed
Bringing forth new life afresh
To be loved deep within
Fleshly heart soulful win

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