Who I Am

How do you see yourself in the world? This is how you actually see yourself. And how do you want the world to see you? What part do you want to play?


I see myself as strong. I know what I believe. I know what I want. I am not fooling around with time wasters.

I see myself as kind. I am selfless. I take time to share with others. I take great pleasure in helping a friend. I am nurturing.

I see myself as fair. I will fight for what is right always. I keep my promises. I am committed and value others who are the same.

I see myself as creative. I lose focus sometimes because of my want for beautiful in my eyes and ears and just all my senses. My words fall short of the depth of my soul’s attraction to art. It’s like fondue. Have you ever had fondue? The perfect, creamy, richness soaking up the bread…your mouth loses control and the sauce spills over your lips and you can’t help licking the goodness off your chin, wiping with your fingers l and laughing out loud. Have you been there? I have. That’s what I’m talking about. Mmmm…just losing myself and my better sense to a piece of bread and cheese…see what I mean??

How do I want others to see me? It’s easy, I just want them to see me as their friend. Someone who wants their best, and is always available and sincerely cares. The tricky part is how they show me that this is who I am to them. I really need to know that they value this part of me. The part that just wants to be their friend. I don’t want to be filled with expectations or hopes. I just want to be the here and now, the present Chelsea who is fully a part of their life

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