Soul Moments

Words try to say what feelings have but felt

Fact will remain that feelings can not be explained

Regret weighs heavy yet it should not be

Without meaning and purpose

The soul will fret and give way

It’s depth had a meaning and its worth is not shallow

The soul will prevail all the course of its show

It searches and ponders and wonders

Curiosity lingers when given its space


Be true to your soul

Willing and able as much as you should

Love and be long

Truth shows it’s time

Space for each moment

For thoughts to behold

The time isn’t measured by hands on a clock

But souls feeling presence and love bearing wounds

Clasping each moment as trapped by the sun

The moon and stars would align a new day

Forth with new meaning and songs spun a


Fresh on my breast be still

Weep not


Peace be your stay

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