Loyalty In Friendship

In friendship, it really matters not whether you have 3 or 300. What matters is your loyalty towards that friendship…to that person you call friend. I’ve been thinking much about the definition of loyalty. When I say the word, ‘loyal’ what comes to mind? A dog, right? Can you put your finger on why your dog is so loyal to you? Try.

In the meantime, here are my thoughts on human relationships, where loyalty is a main theme.

I am your loyal friend. I’m here for you. In times of prosperity and in times of want. In times of clarity and times of confusion. In times of sanity and times of crazy. I want you to know I’m here for you. When you need someone to listen to you. When you need someone to be silent. When you need sound advice. When you’re successful and when you fail. I want you to know I’m here for you.

I am your loyal friend. I’m here for you.

If you want someone to laugh with, I’m here. If you want someone to cry with, I’m here. If you want someone to support you, I’m here. If you want someone to guard you, I’m here. If you want someone to trust, I’m here. I’m here to be honest. I’m here to be faithful. I’m here to be friendly and loving and true. I’m here.

Why? It’s the only me I know how to be. And, clearly, you’re the only you that you know how to be. I don’t want to waste my time trying to figure out whether or not I would befriend you, and if I call you friend then you can know for sure that I will be loyal.

I lack much in the world of success and prosperity. Society, which measures by salary or title or sanity or family, would call me a failure. What I possess is integrity. Integrity means I am honest and I have strong moral principles. I am unwavering, whole and undivided. It’s a lonely road to walk, for the person who has integrity must separate themselves from the normal operations of a greedy, impatient, and sometimes cruel society. Yet, they must be part of it, embrace the people and connect with them, if not only for their own total health.

I also possess compassion. If we all thought about it long enough, our desire is that we would be a society that thrives on compassion. We are already. Compassion comes in many forms, unique to the giver, or the one in need. I’m going to be bold and say that compassion is really just another word for love. It’s love in the most raw form. Love. You can witness it everyday if you just open your heart and mind to receive and embrace.

In fact, for me compassion and integrity go hand in hand. My soul yearns for what is right. The depth of my being wants truth to always prevail in every circumstance and in every person. The yearning and longing literally hurts. It’s like the mighty hands of a gorilla are squeezing my body to pulp. Such a tightness is felt in my breast, my heart, my very soul when I think of those who struggle to make connection. Those who are part of humanity which cannot bend towards the fleshly goodness of their friend. I love you. I am your friend.

I am glad I am blessed with so many whom I call my friend. I am glad that I can live with them. We need connection and friendship is the vehicle.

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