The Beat Goes On

Can’t get you off my mind

Daydreaming of you all the time

Of pleasures enjoyed

And longing for more

The distance, it beats in my core 

And hides this new and fresh source of love

To look and to hold and to talk and to listen

The beat though…. that incessant strong throb

Of desire and of want for one touch

The throbbing like a freshly stubbed toe

How stupid to wear no shoes and then run

A beating and beating like drums in the forest

alone with their echoes fill trees and earth

Beats speak into existence the distance

Oh the distance it beats hard and so long

It’s pattern comes close to my bosom

And resonates with such blasted fervor!

And near to my soul is the beat of my heart which would fuel this new beat and refresh and renew

A fresh sense of myself as new life would emerge:

Flesh becomes soft

Touch me new friend.

Oh tame the bold beat and enter my love

Find me, know me

Clean the stubbed toe and dance to the drums

For friendship is fleshly, yet life takes its toll

Plugging along in such patterns of comfort

Leads to the same beat that gets told:

You’re old and you’re ugly and yourself is so dull

Take heed from the throb and the pain and such sore

Take flight from your same old, your same life

Can we enjoy a new beat that includes and embraces us two? It can include me and it can include you. Sounds that make music to weather our wears

Our talents and treasures and love and…etc

And others would watch as our contentment would seep with sweet honey and rare cheese

Ok, not rare cheese,

But you know what I mean

And crackers with sesame seeds 

I miss you dear friend, and I think of you often

Can’t get you off my mind some days and

The beat it goes on

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