This poem was inspired by the painting by Michele Suzanne. Thank you, dear friend 💜

Plenty for you and plenty for me

Take note of their


Shape and their splendor

Take note

Blessed be the day when you brought them to me

‘Twas raining such pain as I watched through my view

Such pain and peace, yes peace amidst pain

Yes peace

As my mind pranced

With views of forever with you

Forever. Shall we entertain such a thought?

Of lovely embraces and life all caught up

Shall we dance in the rain and

Be well in our soul

Shall we wander in love

When we love as of old?

Take me you fool

Just listen and don’t think

Look into my eyes as the rain hits my brow

Just feel me and take me and hold me close to you now

On your breast as I thirst for a drink

Lovely as sure as the day comes to end

Lovely for us as we close in on our view and we mend

Be well my fresh friend

Take heart, dry off and be well

Tomorrow with sunshine and rain is no more

Rainbows hide deep within wells of deep sore

Depth gives true meaning

And grace now it falls

Fall not my young lover

Well fall into my arms, if you must

Longing for love yet it comes from a far

Oh peace that would listen and path us just so

Peace to your soul

As the flowers grow tall

With my mind and great depth

They shower our love

With the dew from the heavens

As tears from above

My friend from afar

True love will you wait?

Waiting for bliss and for peace

And for fate

Lonely the road without flowers or sun

Lonely I sit with a rainbow above

Once was I given and once was I lost

But now in the present I wait for my love

Longing for her as I wait patiently

Yet longing is long

Like a long long long drive

Along scenic and winding long roads as I wish

Wishing for you as you think upon me

Wishing for something of substance

And making my plea

Oh Love! Think not, just be mine

Please entertain such a plea from a girl such as me

Alas. It’s your choice. Your will not even divine

Your love is your own and I have but a handful of

Flowers for thee

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