Just We Two

A dream I had one night alone

Depicting a beautiful scene:

Alone in bed, we two

Just us and our bodies undone

Naked revealing true self

nothing but scars,

beating chests

And breasts.

Those beloved breasts

Love my body from here to up there.

My belly button

So sweet and so small and so lovely to touch

Fondle and kiss and love as you must

Skin so fresh and so subtle

Enjoy me my love, kissing fresh skin and play with my belly and cruise up to my breast

So beautiful and open and free and at rest

The skin as it lifts and it bends and it holds to your hand

And fingers and tongue and yourself

Breathe as the breast meets

your eye

Tears and sighs of sweet joy,

they are yours

Tears of sweet solace and

Peace and of rest

Here, take them close to you.

Climb up look into in my eyes

My hands and my body they wonder and

Long for your touch and your beauty

Your hands through my hair

Pulse your tongue on my lips

Close your eyes as they long for my sensual embrace

My chest how it pounds with those breasts all in wonder

Hands are in love with nipples how tender

They stare and they query such questions so bold

On their stately affair they hold their own gold

Those nipples they pierce like a sword

Have them my love, be free and embrace

Your hands and then lips

Be well take your place

Your tongue on my breast, my heart swells Take a drink of my breast as a breath in my life

Then tickle my nipples and then stroke my thigh

Touch them again and forever

Please touch make me high

So high I am flying in sensual space

As spirits adorn and angels undress

Stroke and kiss and suck and caress

Like suckling sweet honey

Without all the mess

Beautiful tongue drips with love

Dance on breasts

Diving between, below and above

All around without missing one spot

Kiss your way down, prancing around

on my chest and my belly right down to

my mound

Breathe your sweet breath

Smell me with nostrils while tasting my lips

Flicking your tongue, teasing my clit

Wetness is ready for touches

So gentle

Embrace and be well

In the presence of

Just we two

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