An Ode to Cats Who Bite

The cats without care

With punch, pizzazz and flare

They growl and hiss

With fiery cat eyes

Spiky hair

Gnarling jaws

And Spiny tongue

They think dreadful thoughts

As they

Leap towards their prey 

with tact

Their victims by such surprise

Entangled now in 

Claws like shackles

And teeth like swords

Forgive these puny

purrless few

Who ramble around 

Fighting for their life

Vengeful are they

For they have not a choice

To bite with surprise and with poise

Or don’t

You don’t have to forgive 

The mangely young beast

The scraggly few 

The Motherless scrap

Strutting around

With pomp and low class

Poor little feral 

Alone on the streets

Ducking around each bend

With a plea

Take me and love me

Or feed me and leave me

Or don’t

They bite with sour juice

Unpredicted upon pale skin

Blood stream so red

A bright crimson streak

On my yellowish skin

Wales of such pain

Out of fearful blue lips

Flinching tight muscles

And screams filled with fright

Poor lovely fellow

Sad lonely pet

Parting ways

As if never we met


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