Plain Comfortable Us

My comfort expired

At this point in time

And you’re my first desire

I’ve come to this place

Twenty two times in the past

Here, then left, such haste

Feeling crushed




I Just Want Hush

Painfully healed

Yet dead, and long for your feel

A scent of you

A favorite song

A word, a thought

and pondering long

Of when there was you and I

And a soul full of sigh

Good, sigh

And then I look back

And remember the times





Cursing and fighting

Lies and not truth

Me meant for you?

You meant for me?

How would we know?

What now shall we do?

Love casting fears

tis not all we need

Love as a blanket

can calm

not protect

Love is kind

Peace at its best

Not full, or pretend though

Love at its best

Decisions haste

Be still


Slow touch

Sweet dreams

Of peace and plain

Just plain



No rush

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