Your Eyes.

I write a poem about your eyes

so that I don’t cry

Tears are beautiful in your eyes

if they come out of joy or happiness or laughter but not of pain or sadness

Maybe sunlight without glasses makes you cry but not weep

But if you weep it’s beautiful

When you’re so filled with giddy that weeping is necessary

Your eyes are blue

But blue as in the color, not the mood

When I see your eyes my mood is good

I smile and think how lucky I am

How fortunate that your eyes look upon mine

Shiny and blue with white and black that surrounds the outer and inner

Like the sky and earth and thunder and rain

If I met your eyes in the rain I hope it would be under an umbrella

And we would be close and our hands would touch as we walk or stop

I think stopping would be fun if we could stop and stare into each others eyes

And kiss

But that’s another poem

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