Nighttime Breath

How it swells beneath my chest Down around my back and Up to my breast Breaking into nostrils dry Trying now to hold not cry Comes in cool yet leaves me warm In purest fashion it’s rhythm flows In and out, rising lungs and body full Have you listened, intent it’s sound? Deeply urges a … Continue reading Nighttime Breath

Sunshine Eyes

Beautiful like rays of sun Sweetly stretching Ever listening Beauty in the soul Truly resting while Never ending Eyes will comfort, scold and heal Depth of distance Always present Familiar gaze sets me free Purity with gentle Nudge of sass Pull me in make me wonder Closer now Hold and ponder Eyes swell up, years … Continue reading Sunshine Eyes


Suffocate your feelings girl Wash your face and clean your feet Wear your sorrow into the ground Beat your troubles down, down into the ground Worthless, heavy, lost, alone Wrestling with your self that talks pity Soul knows better, heart confined Constrained by your truth Freedom, security, sacrifice My love, free yourself Daughter, be well … Continue reading Present