Soul Moments

Words try to say what feelings have but felt Fact will remain that feelings can not be explained Regret weighs heavy yet it should not be Without meaning and purpose The soul will fret and give way It’s depth had a meaning and its worth is not shallow The soul will prevail all the course … Continue reading Soul Moments


Sharing stories life is best Each one’s mind never rest Desire speaks volumes Willing ears Peace rings true Troubled mind it fails me not Always thinking never all Emotions fraught Toiling mind Soul refined Eagerly remain a friend Talking sweetly sharing depth Interest lingers not to end Filling space Mind renewed Feeling time we say … Continue reading Exchange


Gazing into dreamy eyes Depth of soul Worry dies Touch of hand Cheek to cheek Quiet, understand Trust shines bright ‘Neath sweet breath Moonlit starry night Heart renewed beneath the breast Soul afresh Come be blest Hold me tight Embrace my love Caress all night Parting pathways Dreamy wonder Memories, mind ablaze Heart so full … Continue reading Jaleo