This Might Be Good

So, I wrote this with a dear friend in mind.  She came into my life when I thought I couldn’t really handle anymore relationships…in fact, I had pretty much blocked everyone out.  I had decided that it was too much work to have friends.  I could do life with just me, God and maybe my kids…if they would have me.  The amazing thing was that she kept trying to be my friend!  I mean, she had ulterior motives at first…her son and my son connected and she really wanted to help nurture that friendship.  Both with special “abilities.”  We thought they would never ever connect with another friend, especially at such a young age…they were 5 when they met.  So, anyway, she continued to invite me to play dates and engage me in other ways.  Then, she and I connected, we really became great friends!  So…moral of the story…just go with it!  I mean, just take the blessings God gives you, when he gives them.  Just realize that moments are fleeting, and whatever He gives, “might be good.”


This Might Be Good

Lonely, scared, tired and weak

Zoning out

This might be good

I’m too lonely, too lonely to try

Too full of less; too short of more

This might be good

Give a smile, a word, a nod


You talk too much, not in the mood

Friendship’s for the weak at heart…

Is that you?

Take a risk, moving slow, take this one who holds your need.

This might be good

I’m lonely, too lonely to try

Too full of less; too short of more

But this might be good

In control, yet without flesh, as you are


Nothing less but something more

Natural flow of friendship…

Trust your soul!

Zoning out; this might be good

Loneliness found righteousness

Sun and moon and nature sings

Too full of me, make room for you

Thank God, for what he brings is good.


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