Connectedness. Yes, that’s a real word.

“a feeling of belonging to or having affinity with a particular person or group”

Do you feel like you belong?  It’s a thought provoking question.  Truly, do you really feel like you belong to any person?  Here me out…I’m going to take this a step further.

I’m currently pondering for how long I have been a person who desires intimate connection.  As a child I remember friends whom I hung with where the feeling we got from each other was much different than other friends.  Different.  Connecting on a deeper level than having things in common and liking the same flavor ice cream.  It’s not like when all you can think about is this person…that’s called being in love or something like love. This is different, almost inexplainable, but I will try.

When I say intimate, I mean spiritually connected.  Don’t freak out like we have to both agree on theology or pray together or even talk about religion.  I don’t know how you can really make a connection with someone and not feel a spiritual pull.  Maybe you can, and it’s just that I have not done so yet.  When you connect with a person like this, it’s an experience that really implores praise to God.  It’s a real feeling of being personally and specially blessed by Heavenly Father God.  It’s the truest, most honest form of friendship ever.    It’s an intimate connection, humanly manifest through spiritual senses. I pray that every human would be able to experience this, but I believe the fear of vulnerability stands in the way of most people.

I believe the only way we can experience the most honest and intimate relationship is to become vulnerable.  It’s the only way we can experience the truest form of joy and maybe peace.  I feel honored and blessed to have had several people I’ve connected with who have become intimate friends over the years…they never quit being my soul sisters.  Never.


One thought on “Connectedness

  1. I would say vulnerability is a very important element of trust and trust takes relationships to the deepest levels. Love you and enjoy hearing your thoughts.


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