The Hourglass Sand

The hourglass is often depicted as a symbol that human existence is fleeting, and that the “sands of time” will run out for every human life.  I think it’s the idea that one day we will not be found on earth. Our time will run out and we will die.

Here’s another look.  When the sand runs out of the top portion and is all contained at the bottom, what do you do?  Turn it over!  I’m not suggesting that we will die and come back to life on earth in any form or fashion; although, if you believe that, I won’t judge you.  What I’m suggesting is that when we are depleted, then we rise again.  We start over.  And, maybe, even before that, we rest and reflect.

Rest. Even God rested and asked that we would as well, even weekly. Rest is manifest differently for each of us. It can be a nap, a run, a puzzle, reading, a hike, tv, sex. The important part is that we condition ourselves to participate very regularly in rest. I have not been a good participant in rest. As I learn to do so, I learn that it is very necessary to my total well being.

How is it that you best rest?

Reflect. Scientifically it means to throw back light or sound, maybe even without absorbing. I’m actually not sure about that .. I’m anything but a scientist. To reflect can also mean to think deeply or carefully. I love to do this, but not everyone enjoys personal reflection and I’ve found that not everyone enjoys deep conversation. In fact, I’m finding that most people would prefer to keep their thoughts surface level. I do think that some kind of reflection is necessary especially when a perplexing thought or idea or situation has been encountered. For sure, reflect. Ponder because you are who you are and yourself deserves intentional thought. I think that without reflection, learning and progress is very limited.

How is it that you best reflect?

Now rise. After resting and reflecting we should be very ready to rise. We are ready now to realize a new perspective and a new attitude. We are ready now to persevere in the hard stuff. We are ready now for tomorrow.

Be well, my friend in all you do, whether resting, reflecting or rising!


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