Let Her Rest

(a tribute to a cat named Agatha)

Lovely thing dressed all in fur

Dainty legs

And tail that curls

Patient eyes

Sweet little nose

And of course her precious purr

She comes to me, silent walk

Hopeful heart

and brave little paw

Something else

a nudge of her head

then she and me we have a talk

Quiet voice all dressed in love

Purest breath

And her worried gaze

With kneading paws

She beckons me

She shares her news, rainbow above

She kisses me, wet nose

Strong nudge

and purrs full of love

Something else

a peacefulness

Looks content then off she goes

Oh little cat my sweetest choice

Kind and pure

Patient voice

My delight, forever friend

Faithful til the end

There she lies

There she dies

Once a path, now a grave

Once my cat, always brave

Memories will wax and wane

Soothe my soul, yet conjure pain

Life and death truest test

Tethering time infinitely

Breathing breaths

Sighing sighs

This little soul laid to rest

Now free to float on rainbow’s bridge

Life no more is not a test

Life then death is truest truth

Let her be in purest form

Little cat named Agatha

We now will let her rest

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