Voice Lessons

I’ve been in therapy more than half of my adult life, in number of years. I invest in therapy not only by being present in the sessions, but also by prescribing to personal “outside of therapy” exercises, classes, events, etc in order to deepen my therapeutic results. All of this is to the end of and for the effort of being a well rounded individual with healthy boundaries, coping skills and to help increase the value I have in relationships and with myself. There have been many therapist and many classes and much digging into my mind and soul. With each vulnerable experience I grow and continue to grow. I’d like to share one recent experience with you.

My current therapist requires me to be involved in two things outside of therapy and outside of my house and family that will aid in my total health and well being and help me achieve my therapy goals. One of those things is voice lessons!

I reached out to a friend who is a life coach, but also teaches voice lessons. I knew I could be vulnerable with my voice around her because of the level of trust and admiration I have for her. I also knew that she is no ordinary voice teacher. She teaches to the whole person. We started out lessons in yoga format and breathing exercises. She taught me about my breathing organs and my vocal organs…how they all work together. She taught me about my thoughts and how when I concentrate on my breath work and singing, all the pieces fit together to make a beautiful sound. It is different than playing an instrument, at which I am a pro. She allows me to flow in and out of concentrated work so that organically my voice lessons turn into life lessons and then I grow as a person.

So at a recent lesson, we discovered that I have a habit of clearing my throat and even coughing. I expressed how this has been going on as long as I can remember and I was diagnosed with asthma as a youngster but I haven’t used any regular treatments as an adult. I told her how I feel like it’s got worse very recently. She stepped right into therapy mode (in the midst of our voice lesson) and taught me two techniques to increase breathing and abate the habitual coughing and clearing of my throat. It was helpful! But, what came next was monumental! We sang a bit more, and then (I don’t even remember why, but maybe because I coughed) she asked me if I could lay down. She then began to work on my total being, it was reiki I think, but whatever it was it was incredibly relaxing, soothing and helpful. It was a dawning. There on the sofa I had an incredible and vivid memory of my grandmother! There on the sofa I smelled the scents of my elementary school music teacher. There on the sofa I was relaxed. There on the sofa I had no worries. There on the sofa I felt cared for and valued, as a person and not just a paying student. There on the sofa I found true friendship. There on the sofa I found phenomenal peace.

Do I wonder why? No. I am only most grateful for this person who has in her big heart to welcome my measley voice into her home studio every two weeks. She lets me blurt out ideas and thoughts about politics and love and family. She lets me be comfortable in my own skin. She lets me sing without shyness. She lets me laugh when words or thoughts get all jumbled. She lets me be me. She lets me feel. She lets me be me. She lets me think. She lets me be me. Just me.

I will return to my voice lesson this Friday and I won’t be the same. I have changed. I am a little more eager to be myself. I am a little more eager to learn about my physiology. I am a little more eager to sing from my soul. I am a little more eager to be blessed by this friend and teacher.


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